AdvantaPass® - Clean Room Pass Through

AdvantaPass® is a patented system that permits the aseptic transfer of fluids between the walls of pharmaceutical manufacturing suites. It’s the first system of its kind to offer complete isolation between different classes of clean rooms when transferring multiple lines of fluid through a single stainless steel pass-through wall portal.

AdvantaPass® provides a practical, safe, secure and easy way to move large volumes of liquids from one room to another without the risk of bin breakage or spillage. Its incorporation of Single-Use disposable components eliminates cleaning validation requirements that involve the expense and waste of time, labor and natural resources.

Main features :

  • Single-Use components eliminate the need to clean and validate traditional hard piping transfer lines
  • Design flexibility — can be used in new construction or retrofitted into existing facilities; no welding involved
  • Accommodates single or multiple fluid flow lines without compromising the isolation barrier functionality
  • Uses Single-Use process components made of either platinum-cured silicone or TPE tubing and isolator flanges and seals
  • Custom manufactured with standardized parts for each application including a choice of end connections
  • Works with various wall and floor thicknesses

AdvantaPass® cleanroom pass thru system is custom produced to accommodate different wall thicknesses. It can also be adapted for floor-to-ceiling conveyance.

AdvantaPass® uniquely manages multiple tubing apertures, as well as purge ports, through a single wall portal. The pass-through system can save thousands of dollars as compared to other pass-through methods that involve numerous moving parts and frequent maintenance.

AdvantaPass® reduces production stoppages for sterilization and validation of hard piping transfer systems, which use natural resources, cleaning chemicals that must be disposed of, time and labor. The system’s Single-Use components allow for flexibility from one transfer to the next, minimize the risk of cross contamination and increase productivity and efficiency.

Additional features :

  • Purge ports further reduce the chance of cross contamination between non-viral-active and viral-active suites
  • Portal assemblies machined from solid 316L stainless steel
  • Assembly and disassembly takes just minutes
  • Standard sizes up to 6" diameter; larger sizes on request
  • Brevets : U.S. Patents 8,870,230, 9,869,408 and 10,113,670

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