Mixers Kest-Mixer

The Kest-Mixer is a magnetic bottom mounted mixer for aseptic applications. The main feature is that there is no more shaft through the bottom which leads to cross contamination and rupture of sterility.

Main features :

  • Green Mixing - 80% lower in energy consumption (gamme ProFlow)
  • Total integrity of the tank
  • Mixing to the last drop
  • No particles generation
  • Eays maintenance
  • Integrated speed device

Kest-Mixer range covers volumes from 0,2 litre à 35 000 litres and is especially designed for CIP/SIP processes.

Bearings are made of solid Zirconium Oxyde and Silicium Carbide that  are more resistant to impacts and allows to run dry while emptying the tank.

Mixing heads have an open structure that makes them suitable for CIP.

The drive unit is easy to fix by using the Kest-Lock connection for the following models KMS-0/3, KM-3/7, KM-7/20 et KM-20/70.

The ProFlow range has a brushless drive and is ultra-compacts and needs less energy (80% less) to reduce carbon footprint

Additional features :

  • Material in product contact in SS 1.4435
  • Surface finish Ra < 0,5 µm
  • Bearings : Silicium Carbide and Zirconium Oxyde
  • Drives : AC ou DC, or ATEX version available

Brochure ProFlow-KMPF

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Brochure KM

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Fiche technique RM

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Brochure Mixer KMS

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