Single-Use Mixing Bags

The DuoMixer® is an advanced single use mixer designed for mixing applications such as media and buffer formulation, intermediate processing, drug substance purification and drug product formulation. The unique impeller design and servo motor are based on high performance magnetic mixing technology that is fast and powerful for effective mixing of powders and viscous products.

  • DuoMixer® – Volumes from 50 to 3000L
  • MiniDuoMix® – Volumes from 2 to 50L

Main features :

  • Standard automation modules for stirring and weighing - Available with or without jacket
  • 15” HMI touchscreen
  • User-friendly software for automated control of modules, user permissions, password management, data charts, alarm and calibration
  • Install bag and start processing in minutes
  • Optional modules for pH, temperature and conductivity monitoring are available
  • Optional hardware for printing and acid & base addition (2 pump heads)
  • Minimum working volume is 10% to 20% of mixer working volume


DuoMixer® high-performance mixing technology is available from 5 L to 3,000 L allowing for flexibility and scalability for every mixing process step. Each DuoMixer® features an integrated drive unit with 15” touchscreen for ease of use. Optional features include load cells for weighing, jackets for heat exchange and sensors for intelligent in-line measurement of pH, temperature, and conductivity.

Additional features :

  • Material : Tank, AISI 304L - Window, Polycarbonate - Acid Cleaned, Brushed Stainless Steel
  • Mixing Volumes : 50L, 100L, 200L, 300L, 650L, 1000L, 1500L, 2000L, 2500L, 3000L
  • Imelller speed range : 50L à 300L, 240 rpm - 500L à 3000L, 200 rpm
  • Working Temperature : 0-60°C


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