Filling Needles

These pharma filling and washing needles from MPA Italy are suitable for the main brands of pharma machines and designed for every liquid, volume and viscosities. Customized needles tips for every issues such as foam, splash and dripping.
Our laser welded filling, rinsing and gassing needles are designed for every enduser needs. Their surface finish Ra < 0,4 micron guarantees maximum sterilization and aseptic standards.

Main features :

  • Materials : AISI 316L, Plastic, Ketron Peek® and Hastelloy C-22
  • Made in single block and/or laser or Tig welded
  • Made-to-measure design - Custom made service
  • Polish surfaces and complete decontamination and passivation
  • Ultrasonic washing and final cleaning in conformity to NSF and FDA

Autoclavable Filling Needles in PEEK

The Peek Needle is a revolutionary type of plastic needle, especially suitable for aseptic environments and acid substances. It can be autoclaved a number of times as high as possible and can replace the same design of stainless steel version.

Differents Tips can be produced :

  • Flat tip
  • Scoop tip
  • Anti-drip tip
  • Multi-holes tip
  • Double flaute mouthpiece

A few pharma machine brands :

  • Bausch Stroebel
  • Groninger
  • Marchesini-Corima
  • Romaco
  • Tofflon
  • Bosch Syntegon Struck
  • Optima Kugler
  • Etc…

Additional features :

  • Roughness Report Test (Mitutoyo SJ410®)
  • Super finishing - internal surface of tubes worked in honing machine (Ra < 0,4 micron)
  • All needles can be repaired replacing the old damage tube
  • Respect for good manufacturing processes : GMP
  • Laser marking - Permanent Identification
  • Traceability documents of materials in full conformity UNI EN 10204 3.1

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