Kest-Lock Connection

Kest-Lock, the unique quick snap connection

The Kest-Lock unites advantages of a traditional TC-clamp with an aseptic tank connection, in a new innovative design.

Kest-Lock with the unique quick coupling and the aseptic weld-in flange gives a flush surface inside the tank. It is developed for critical applications where aseptic design, easy and safe handlings are essential, such as SIP/ CIP processes.

An aseptic way to attach equipment, such as valves, transmitters, hoses etc, equipped with TC ferrule, flush to a tank. Kest–Lock makes is possible to connect and disconnect without the use of any tools. Snap on your TC connectable equipment directly into the Kest-Lock and tighten without tools in a safe aseptic connection.

Main features :

  • One hand operation
  • No dead-leg
  • External easy clean surfaces
  • No loose parts
  • The Kest-Lock is pre-mounted in the weld in part, when mounting your equipment, no parts are needed to detach.

Kest-Lock consists of a weld-in flange, for tank or pipe mounting, along with a two-piece snap ring which is pre-mounted on the weld-in flange. Toconnect, insert the equipment between the snap-rings and tighten the locking screw. To disconnect, loosen the screw and extract the equipment.

Applications : Excellent design for frequent connection of equipment, such as:

  • Mobile vessel
  • Swing bend panels
  • Docking connections
  • Quick and safe connection for disposable units
  • Sampling device
  • Calibration instruments

Additional features :

  • Size: TC25; TC34; TC50,5; TC64; TC77,5; TC91
  • Pipe standard: SMS 3008, ASTM 269/270, DIN 11 850, ISO 1127
  • Surface finish internal: Ra ≤ 0,5 μm
  • Design temperature: -80 to 200 ° C
  • Pressure vessel approved Stainless Steel material EN 1.4435 (ASTM 316L) PED
  • Design Pressure: -1 to 7 bar(g)

Technical Brochure

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Operating Manual

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