Mixing Mixed4Sure™

Mixed4Sure is a unique mixing system in a closed environnement for volumes from 2 l to 50 l.

The mixing element Pronto is a patented product. Suspended on a shaft, the mixing element is not in bottom contact which does not generate particles.

The Pronto with add on baffles reduces the possibility of a vortex ensure a fast and efficient mixing.

Available in Polypropylene or in polycarbonate according to the size of the container. Customizable according to your process needs.

Main features :

  • Closed system, no rupture of sterility
  • Delivered pre-sterilized by gamma
  • Single Use system
  • Manufactured in ISO Class 7 cleanroom

Pronto (autoclavable) is available as a stand alone part to fit containers with 83B neck


  • Buffer and media prep
  • Formulation
  • Upstream Process
  • Downstream Process

Additional features :

  • Volume from 5L, 10L, 20L & 50L
  • Gentle and vigourous mixing
  • Customizable
  • Suitable for IKA magnetic platforms
  • Compliance to ADCF (Animal Derivated Component Free)


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Mixed4Sure Pronto

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Statement Mixed4Sure - Pronto

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