Mousehole Transfer Port

The Mousehole Transfer Port is a simple, though very effective way to make transfers between two (clean)rooms. With the Mousehole transfer port you can move large volumes of liquids without the risk of bin breakage or spillage during bin transfers.

The Mousehole Transfer Port can be combined with our Iris Valve.

Main features :

  • Assembly easy and simple
  • No maintenance
  • User guide supplied

The basic system consist of a stainless steel pass-through with tri-clamp connections on both sides, which can be modular extended with our Iris Valve. You can seal the Mousehole with blind plates or cut blind plates.

Besides the base system, there are two optional extra’s for the Mousehole transfer port. We can add purge ports to the design that, for example, can be used to create an air barrier between clean rooms. It’s also possible to create a connection for a position indicator on both sides of the Mousehole. A version of the transfer port with both options is also possible, please contact us for more information about these additions.

Additional features :

  • Available sizes : 2", 4" & 6". 8" available on request.
  • Materials : Portal and Ferrules : AISI 316L - Clamp : 304 - Disc : Silicone platinum
  • Certificates : 3.1 material, FDA, USP Class VI 121 0°C, {87}, {88}, TSE/ BSE

Mousehole Brochure

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