Pharma Clamp®

Pharma-Clamp® is easy to use because there is only one way to close it, no adjustments are possible. Because of this over-compression and destruction of the gasket is prevented. The Pharma-Clamp® cannot be installed incorrectly, when closed it can take 10 bars of pressure without any problem.

Main features :

  • Fast closing
  • Very light
  • Torque mastered
  • Resistant and stron materiał
  • Sterilization by gamma @50 kGy or autoclave

Pharma-Clamp® is made from glass-filled nylon. This material is extremely strong and is stable during heat exposure and mechanical load.  Traditional non-metallic clamps for single-use systems (SUS) are executed with a wing-nut. Operators who are putting Single-Use Systems together often complain about the number of wing nuts they have to assemble.  It is time-consuming and can lead to repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Pharma-Clamp® can be exposed to 50kGy Gamma radiation. It can be autoclaved and can withstand up to 150°C.

Additional features :

  • Available sizes : 1/2’’ to 6’’ (TC 25 au TC 167) et DIN32676 A, B & C
  • Material : CMD-1057 Nylon Glass Filled
  • Working pressurel : 10 bars
  • Temperature : -20°C à 150°C

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