Removable Steam-Flon® Gasket

Ultrapharma has developed ”Steam-Flon®” for sanitary gaskets and some special products. This material is a unique blend of non pigmented PTFE and 316L stainless steel powder. 

The Removable Steam-Flon® is a gasket we developed because of its unique mechanical properties. The gasket is made out of two mating parts. In between these two parts you can place any kind of product as long as it is no thicker than 1.00 mm. Products like orifice plates, screens and perforated discs can be used.

Main features :

  • Excellent Chemical resistant
  • Torque controlled
  • Excellent temperature resistant
  • No intrusion
  • Available with flanged gasket

The Removable Steam-Flon® gasket can be dismantled after use, cleaned and reassembled again without any problem. Perfect if a screen needs to be cleaned. Orifice plates can be exchanged rapidly. Sock screens which cannot be supplied with a PTFE-seal can now be equipped with a Steam-Flon® seal.

Steam-Flon® removable is available in the following standards:

DIN32676 Serie A                               DN08 -DN250

DIN32676 Serie B  (ISO1127)              DN10 -DN250

DIN32676 Serie C  (ASME BPE)          1/2″ – 10″

SMS3017/ISO2852                             DN12 -DN219,1

Also available for DIN11851 milkthread fittings, both for Screens and Orifice Plates. Contact us for details.

Additional features :

  • Sizes : TC ½’’ to TC 12’’
  • Material : PTFE / Stainless Steel
  • Certifications : FDA CFR 177.1550 USP Class VI-121°C USP<661> EC 10/2011
  • Temperature : -212°C à +288°C


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