Screen Gaskets

In many upstream and downstream processes, it is sometimes necessary to perform an inline or in situ filtration step. It is usually designed to capture isolated particles created by moving parts of the system. Deterioration of valve diaphragms, pumps or seals can generate this type of particle.

Main features :

  • Many screens and mesh available
  • Several standards available

During start-up, it can be used to protect pumps from large particles that accidentally fall into the system and are flushed out causing significant damage.
Filling needles can be equipped with a fine filter down to 10µm to capture anything that shouldn’t be there before the vial is sealed.

Screen gaskets are available in different materials :

  • CMD-1004  Black EPDM

  • CMD-1010  Black FKM

  • CMD-1012  Silicone Platinum

  • CMD-1028  White PTFE

  • CMD-1019  Steam-Flon®

Additional features :

  • Sizes : 1/2" to 6" - TC25 - TC 167
  • Standards : DIN32676 A, B, C