Sealer PVC/EVA Sebra® 2600

The SEBRA® Model 2600 OMNI Sealer is a compact, portable device which employs radio frequency (RF) to make uniform, quality seals on a variety of tubing sizes without power adjustment by the user. The smart technology adjusts power automatically to accommodate different sizes of tubing made of RF-reactive thermoplastic material typically used in the plasma and pharmaceutical industry.

The Power Source consists of the Model 2600 Power Source and the Model 1105, a handheld, manually-activated sealing head or the Model 2605, a bench-top automatic sealing head which creates a seal that is formed by the sealing head jaws in such a way as to make segment separation easy and uniform.

Main features :

  • Easy-to-clean detachable head
  • Produces wide tear seals
  • Smart Technology power adjusts automatically
  • Compact design
  • No compressed air required

The Model 2600 Power Source is an instrument for making seals on tubing made of RF-reactive thermoplastic materials typically used in blood banks, blood processing facilities and transfusion centers. Tubing utilized in the collection and handling of blood and blood products is typically made from polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) or EVA and it is this application for which this product is specifically intended.


  • Whole blood collections
  • All types of aphaeresis collections
  • Plasma collections
  • Leukoreduction processes

Additional features :

  • Tube size : up to 1/4"
  • Temps de soudage : 1 à 2 secondes selon tube
  • Largeur de soudure : 2,2 cm
  • Poids du système 2600 + 2605 : 4,4 & 2,4 kg
  • Dimensions unité d'alimentation : 26,7 x 11,2 x 18 cm

Sebra 2600 Brochure

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