SeriesLock® XGen™ Genderless

SeriesLock® XGen is an intuitive, easy to use genderless sterile quick-disconnect solution. XGen genderless quick connect technology is revolutionizing the bioprocessing industry by offering a more efficient, versatile, and reliable solution for connecting equipment and processes.

XGen is revolutionary with a small footprint of 3.6” per half and 5.1” connected. Recessed mating features protect contact surfaces and allows for a sterile, leak free connection, disconnection, and reconnection up to 10 times even in gray spaces.


Main features :

  • Sterile single-use connection that disconnects and reconnects up to 10 times
  • Safety lock-out feature when connector valve is open and flowing does not allow for an accidental disconnect
  • Reduces inventory with single part numbers in both halves of a symmetrical assembly
  • Audible click confirms proper connection
  • Bi-directional flow

This genderless connector is manufactured with ISO 10993 compliant materials.

The housing is constructed of polysulfone (PSU), virgin flow path, class VI silicone seals. The audible click upon connection, the locking rings and the safety slide release are features to help prevent accidental disconnects.

Standard sizes are available to accommodate tubing sizes ranging from 1/4” ID to 1” ID Tubing.

Additional features :

  • Polysulfone housing for toughness and stability at high temperatures
  • High pressure resistant (60psi, 4.1 bar) when connected
  • Autoclave and Gamma stable for sterilization
  • Tubing sizes from 1/4” ID to 1” ID Tubing.

XGen™ Genderless Brochure

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General Brochure SeriesLock®

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SeriesLock® XGen™ Genderless