Smart-Clamp®, half turn sanitary clamp!

A system begins to fail when a gasket begins to leak. The traditional answer is to tighten the clamp to eliminate the leak. You believe you are fixing the problem, but in reality, you are creating a greater problem. Watch this short video to see how the Smart Clamp™ can solve that problem.

Main features :

  • Half-Turn installation
  • Guaranteed gasket alignment
  • Dramatically increased up-time
  • Perfect Surface I.D.
  • Compression control
  • Repetitive stress/ergonomic benefits

The Ergonomic design and “Half-Turn” installation decrease working conditions that are known to result in Repetitive Stress Injury (RSI)

Additional features :

  • Size available : 1'' to 3" (TC 50.5 to TC 91)
  • Material : AISI 304
  • Surface Finish : Ra < 0,8 µm standard
  • Standard : ASME-BPE