Snap-On TC Gaskets

Over-compression of clamp joints due to misaligned pipes is one of the most common problems we encounter on a daily basis. The flanges are not parallel, so we compress the gasket until the leakage stops. The result is a destroyed gasket, for which we have designed a plastic ring that prevents excessive compression of the elastomer. Even if we apply a higher torque than recommended, the seal remains intact.

Main features :

  • Resolving Over-Compression
  • Fixing Misalignment in pipe work
  • Colour identification
  • Dimension Identification

The Snap-On™ gasket has this plastic ring on the outside that is just a little thinner than the actual elastomer gasket itself. Place the gasket over one ferrule by snapping it on. Place the other ferrule on top of the gasket and put a clamp around the fittings. When you turn the wing-nut you will first compress the rubber material until the ferrule hits the plastic ring. Soon you will notice that you are not able to turn the wing-nut any further. The plastic ring creates a full stop. It is impossible to further (over-) compress the gasket. Even in a situation where there is pipe misalignment.

In most cases, engineers know where these problem connections are in the system. Simply utilizing the Snap-On gasket in these area´s will resolve big problems. The elastomer we use in the Snap-On gasket is the same as the standard gasket, same contact surface, same validated material.

Additional features :

  • Materials : EPDM (CMD-1004) and Platinum Silicone (CMD-1012) other elastomers on request.
  • Sizes : ASME BPE 1/2" - 3/4" - 1" - 1,5" & 2"
  • Ring material : ULTRAMID BASF

Snap-On Brochure

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Joint Clamp Snap-On

Le joint Snap-On expliqué
Tout commence par une situation de désalignement.
Le collier de serrage nécessite un couple élevé pour rapprocher les férules.
Pour étancher correctement le joint, vous pouvez maintenant appliquer un couple de serrage supplémentaire de quelques Nm sans détruire le joint en élastomère.

Cela peut même être fait avec un collier MHP (collier haute pression).