Eazy-Clamp® is designed to be used in areas where operators are constantly working with Tri-Clover clamps. Connecting hoses, pressure gauges, sight glasses and taking them apart again for cleaning. A daily activity that acquires a lot of manual handling.

Main features :

  • Adjustable in service (maintaining sterility)
  • Preset torque level
  • Ceramic Bottom for Anti Galling
  • Easy handling

The conventional wing nut sometimes requires up to 20 turns before you lock your gasket. Eazy-Clamp® only requires half a turn. This reduces the chance of repetitive strain injuries (RSI).

A new feature, that allows the operator to further tighten the connection in case of a leak without losing the integrity of a sterile connection, has been implemented. The majority of these connections can be made easily without misalignment issues,  therefore the required torque can be as low as 1,5-2 Nm, which helps with a swift installation.

Additional features :

  • Available sizes : TC 25 (1/2") to TC 167 (6")
  • Standard : ASME-BPE
  • Material : AISI 304, 316 et céramique
  • Zone de serrage en céramique
  • Endurance test : 20,000+ open/close cycles
  • Nettoyable en place et en laverie
  • Autoclavable