Tubing Pinch Clamp

The Pinch valve is made from the same glass-filled nylon as the Pharma-Clamp®. This material is extremely strong and is stable during heat exposure and mechanical load.

The pinch valve has the same closing device as the Pharma Clamp®. Both have a locking device preventing unwanted opening during storage or transportation.

A tie-wrap can easily be installed.

Main features :

  • Easy closing
  • Very light
  • Torque controlled
  • Material resistant and stable
  • Sterilizationby gamma 50 kGy or autoclave

The Pinch Valve can be exposed to 50kGy Gamma irradiation. It can be autoclaved and can withstand up to 150°C.

Additional features :

  • Maximum tubing wall thickness 3,4 mm
  • Minimum tubing wall thickness 2,4 mm
  • Material : CMD-1057 Nylon Glass Filled
  • Working pressure : 10 bars
  • Operating temperature : -20°C à 150°C


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