Sanitary Clamp FlowLinX

FlowLinX Sanitary Clamps are designed for quick and efficient installation.  The innovative clamp design retains the sanitary fittings in the clamp body for effortless one-handed operation. The audible click of the clamp ensure the connection is secure without over compression of the gasket.

Main features :

  • Manufactured in an ISO 8 Cleanroom
  • Tested to 6,5 bar (94 PSI) for Leak Resistance
  • Sterilizable by Gamma Irradiation and Autoclave
  • USP Class VI and ISO 10993-5

FlowLinX Sanitary Clamps are available in 3/4” (Mini) flange and 1-1/2” (Maxi) flange sizes and are ASME-BPE compliant.

Additional features :

  • 5-year shelf life
  • Pack Size: 25 Clamps per Bag

FlowLinX Sanitary Clamps

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Sanitary Clamp

FlowLinx / Sanitary Clamp