Needle Sampling Device

When a single drop of fluid can make the difference in someone’s health, you need smart fluid handling solutions that get the job done safely.

Manufacturers worldwide rely on connector products that improve yield, cut costs and reduce time to market.

FlowLinX© needle sampling device is ideal for aseptic fluid sampling applications used in cell culture, fermentation, chromatography, sterile bulk and transfer. The closed system design allows for easy implementation to monitor critical process parameters.

This device is 100% compatible with the NovaSeptum® sampling device, whether you need the holder or the septum needle.

Main features :

  • Representative sample at the heart of the process, enclosed and sterile
  • Zero risk of cross contamination
  • Easy to use, manipulate and validate
  • Aseptically disconnect using pinch pipe or TPE tube sealer
  • Each assembly is double bagged, gamma irradiated and ready to use
  • 100% compatible with NovaSeptum® sampling device

Made from USP <88> Class VI materials, the sampling assemblies are available in individual or multi-sampling units with aseptic connectors, 1mm or 2mm sampling needles.

Choose from standard configurations or customize to your application requirements.

Additional features :

  • Manufactured in ISO Class 7 cleanroom
  • Fluid path components meet USP <88> Class VI, ADIF
  • Available with PETG or PET bottles
  • Available with polypropylene tubes, polystyrene tubes or ULDPE bags
  • Available with 1 mm or 2 mm sampling needles
  • Fluid path components meet USP <88> Class VI, ADIF
  • Available with sterility assurance level 10-6 to ISO 11137

Sampling Device Brochure

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Microbial Integrity Brochure

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Certificate of Conformance (sample)

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